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What clients are saying

Tamera does such an incredible job. I have had a lot of trouble with hair breakage when waxing but going here fixed that. She is extremely knowledgeable and will be able to give you advice on how to solve wax-related problems like ingrown hairs. She uses quality products that make it much easier for my sensitive skin to get waxed than it ever was before. Additionally, she pays attention to the smallest details which means you can be confident that you are looking your best afterward. Aside from the outstanding aesthetic results, she is a great storyteller. I would come just to talk with her. I usually shy away from conversations with most people but Tamera makes getting waxed much more comfortable because I can always count on a job well done and a lot of laughter.
Briget Flynn
I have been ripping hairs out of my body for nearly 2 decades. I have been to all kinds of salons/spas/cruise ships/etc, but I have NEVER in my life had as wonderful an experience as seeing Tammy at Waxing, Etc. She's a follicle goddess, I swear. A friend of mine recommended getting a brazilian, which first of all... OMG, and secondly... WTF. But I was newly single at the time and thought why the heck not. Scheduling is super simple. I made an appointment online and received a text confirmation. The studio is secure, smells lovely, and is very inviting. Tammy greets you at the door and guides you to her waxing room which is comfortable, welcoming, and nicely decorated with art and a fish tank. This is an awkward experience no matter who you are or how many times you've done this. Thankfully Tammy takes the weird away by meeting the awkward head-on. You get down to your nethers and draped with a towel, chat designs and goals, and off to ripping she goes. EXCEPT IT DOESN'T HURT! Once you get to the part that somehow makes this experience a tropical country, it's not at all how portrayed in the movies. It's comfortable, quick, and smooth... literally. Spritz a little lotion on and boom... done. Payment is a breeze, and you're out the door.
Brandi Knepper
I've never had someone who knew so much about how my hair on my eyebrows grew out. My eyebrows look like they were supposed to be on my face. Most experiences I've ever had has always felt as though they rushed and I would have to go back home and finish cleaning the hairs left behind. Tammy did perfectly and didn't leave anything undone. She was so patient with me and I felt taken care of. Tammy is so fun and kind and I love how comfortable she made my fiance and I feel. Will definitely continue going to her for my waxings.
Josephine Mico
Tammy!!!! I honestly could not recommend anyone better then her. If my first experience with waxing was with a woman as compassionate and knowledgeable as her I would have never stopped waxing. I brought my daughter here for her first waxing ever and it is well worth every dime plus more. I asked to be involved in the introductory talk for first timers and I was amazed at how at ease I felt leaving my daughter in her hands to get bikini ready for our trip to Maui. Everything is sanitary and feels totally professional. I would highly recommend this business above all others. Tammy is a person who makes people feel body positive no matter what shape,size, age or gender you are.
Kim Banister

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