About Me

  • My Philosophy
Owner / Sole Operator
Tamera L Robinson

Do one thing, and do it better than anyone else!

Everyone does waxing… The hair place… The nail place… I could say waxing is the one thing I do, and I strive to do it better than anyone else! That would be true enough.

My intent, was to do Brazilian Bikini Waxing, and strive to do it better than anyone else. I do more than a thousand bikini waxes every year. It’s my “bread and butter”.

My methods, and my business model are different from those around me. Every year people tell me my model will never work, and year after year, it keeps working, and my business has grown through a recession, while others’ did not.

I love my job, I love my wax, and I love getting up each day to go to work! Who can say that?

  • What I do Differently
  1. There’s only one of me, because employees won’t believe in my model
  2. I’m available by appointment only Mon 12p-5p, and Tue thru Sat 10a – 7:30p
  3. The customer experience comes before the money
  4. Provide more than my competition for the same price
  5. Pad the appointments to account for traffic or additional services
  6. Take the time to make the service the best experience possible
  7. Don’t sell products- If I recommend, it’s not so I can make money
  8. Keep the office fresh – Flowers, new pictures, new… SOMETHING!


  • Why I do This

I got into Brazilian bikini waxing, because I developed an infection in the follicles, on my legs, shortly after being waxed. The first question I was asked was, “Did you recently get a bikini area wax?”. I was rather shocked, and embarrassed, but had to answer “Yes”. I learned that this infection was likely the result of “double dipping”. This is just like chips in dip. You have one pot of wax, and lots of contaminated applicators that can go into it. The difference is… You aren’t likely to get an “STD” from chips!

This is why I decided to do this. I’m a perfectionist, and quite methodical. I knew I could do this job well, and safely. I knew, I could love doing this every day, and never get tired of the rigors of repeated disinfection. It was perfect for me!

Since I started, I’ve met some really great people, and had tons of fun.

  • I Have a 77% Repeat Ratio

77% of the people who come to me to get waxed, come back again! Since waxing isn’t for everyone, and I’m not for everyone, that’s a pretty amazing number to me. THANK YOU, all of you who have trusted me, and continue to trust me to provide you with such a personal service!

  • I Don’t do A “7 Minute Brazilian Bikini Wax”

I’m not trying to see how many Brazilian Bikini waxes I can fit into a day. I take the time to reduce the stress of waxing, both mentally and physically. It takes about 35 minutes to complete a full bare Brazilian bikini wax, if you’re a regular 4 week bikini waxer. First time Brazilian bikini waxes take as long as needed, and I don’t charge anything extra. There’s less trauma to the skin this way.

I try to make waxing a good experience. We talk, we joke, we remove hair. What more could you ask for? I’ve got it… A discreet location where not everyone in town knows you just got a bikini area wax? There’s that too!