Products I Use

fav Every product I use is carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible waxing experience. Disinfectants excluded, all of the products I apply to the skin, could safely be ingested.

fav I use products to reduce swelling, relieve pain, promote healing, lock in moisture, and of course, to remove hair.


fav Aloe Vera Juice used for soothing during and after waxing services.
Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice – Used to moisturize, soothe, and stimulate healing.
99.8% aloe. They have been making premium aloe vera products for over 25 years. They’re certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture, and use the precious inner gel fillet of the leaf to insure the purest unadulterated aloe for maximum efficacy. Organically produced certified.

fav Stridex Alcohol Free to reduce swelling and discomfort while waxing.
Stridex Alcohol Free Wipes – Used to reduce swelling, and relieve pain.
The active ingredient in Stridex pads is Salicylic acid (2%) which comes from the bark of White Willow trees, and is the only active ingredient in Aspirin. Making this effective at both relieving pain, and reducing swelling. It also unclogs pores, removes dirt / oil deep down, and helps prevent breakouts after waxing.

fav My own Custom Blend of Oils to soothe and promote healing.
Custom Oil Blend – Used to promote healing and lock in moisture.
Vitamin E Oil – 70,00 IU Pure vitamin E oil: Soothes, heals, locks in moisture.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Potent Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, exfoliant.
Mediterranean Argan Oil: Reduces irritation, increases skin elasticity.
Grape Seed Oil: anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, acne reductive, locks in moisture.
Orange Oil: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aromatherapy.


Perron Rigot has been making depilatory waxes since 1936. The company revolutionized the depilatory wax industry by it’s creation of strip and non-strip waxes. Since then, many companies have tried to match the experience, and expertise. In my opinion, none have succeeded.

Their ethics, and standards are driving industry-wide improvements. Their quality is impeccable. Their philosophy, “Development of new waxes is always driven by the desire to provide greater comfort, effectiveness, and ease of use for practitioners” aligns with my own.

fav Cirepil’s Cristalline wax – hypoallergenic
Cirepil’s Cristalline wax is no-strip hard wax . Created without traditional rosin, its hypo-allergenic formula is derived from the precious mineral micro-crystalline. It works like shrink wrap as it cools, allowing for easy removal and a truly non-stick application. Its very low melting point also makes application more comfortable for those with hyper-sensitive skin.

fav Cirepil’s Intimate wax is designed specifically for bikini areas, with the lowest melting point, antibacterial agents, and shrink wrap technology.
Cirepil’s Intimate wax – antibacterial
Cirepil’s Intimate wax is a non-strip hard wax. Designed just for intimate areas, it includes ingredients to help calm and soothe (dermal protection, antibacterial and anti-irritants). Great for those with a low pain threshold. It quite possibly has the lowest melting point of any of the hard waxes, and its shrink wrap technology helps it to draw away from the skin without damage.

favCirepil’s Cashmere Wax is their second hypoallergenic wax – this time with an amazing scent! It’s ideal for first time waxing and young adults. Now with a new high performance patented ingredient allowing precision hair removal on sensitive skin with reinforced effectiveness. Excellent For all areas of the body, including sensitive Bikini areas.